Why We Created New Casino Sites?

We created NewCasino-Sites.co.uk to help our visitors and fellow online casino players identify the best new casinos in the market today. Between our team of veterans, we have gained 20 years of experience between us whereby we’ve critiqued every single element of online casinos, from their software providers, mobile functionality, games on offer, and most importantly – the welcome bonuses and offers available for new players.

We aim to ensure that you sign up to casinos which are safe and reliable by putting players first. We don’t want to be another run of the mill casino review website that evaluates new casinos only based on their bonus offering, but more importantly ensure that our players have the best experience possible. The gaming experience itself is at the centre of this, which is why we place a lot of emphasis on the user experience.

Mobile gaming has increased rapidly in recent years and we understand the importance of smooth mobile gaming experience. Mobile behaviour is more often than not dependent on the software used, we are a keen advocate of the popular and renown developers such as  Playtech, Microgaming and Netent.

New Casino Bonuses

We know that casino bonuses and offers are a big attraction for casino players and as such have included these in our reviews. With so many bonuses and promotions on offer, we’ve broken down each offer with their specific terms and conditions and what you could expect to get when signing up. Such bonuses often come with relatively high wagering requirements which can actually make it quite difficult or unrealistic to cash them out. We’ve linked to the terms and conditions for all offers ensuring that you have all the relevant information at hand before making a decision to sign up.

Signing up to New Online Casinos vs. Older Ones

As a seasoned player, I can honestly say that I’m not really swayed either way on this. Older and established casinos do often have a lot more authority and trust built behind them, although that’s not to say that newer casinos shouldn’t be trusted and don’t have a level of trust and authority built. We don’t take the age of the casino as a determining factor for performance, but leave this for you to judge.

Broadly speaking when we do take a look at newer online casinos we found that they tend to push the boat out a lot more and as such are more innovative in their approach. Looking at the freshness of design,  the variety of games and mobile experience we certainly lean more towards new online casinos that tend to trump older ones in this regard. Newer online casinos are certainly more creative in their approach to online marketing using more visually impacting colours and imagery to draw in customers.

An element of competition is always a good thing and we know that competition between companies can often bring out the best in them. It’s an opportunity for all casinos to take a more in-depth look at how they can better engage their customers and offer a better user experience. Many online casinos now offer enormous welcome bonuses to try and draw players in and compete!

What Criteria Should You Look At When Choosing a New Casino?

Here’s what we believe to be the key criteria when you’re looking to join any new or even older / established in this case.

Game Offering

We believe that the central point of any casino is the games on offer. We prefer to have a wider variety of games available including slots, card games, live games and jackpots. This means that we don’t have to go anywhere else since everything is available in one place as well as being able to easily switch from one game after getting bored.

The Welcome Bonus and Promotions

The signup bonus can be one of the most attractive features when joining an online casino. Usually, we’d say the bigger the better but the way bonuses work have changed a lot over the years and it means that we need to pay much closer attention to the finer details. Bonuses now come with hefty wagering requirements, payout conditions, as well as time constraints! Essentially this means it’s a lot harder to actually cash them out. All in all, we can’t say no to a juicy casino bonus! Just bear in mind that you’ll need to do your due diligence and check all terms and conditions before signing up!

Deposits and Withdrawals

We’ve all been there, join your favourite online casino, win some cash and then find out that it takes an age to withdraw! Most casinos will now offer all major payment and banking methods such as Skrill, Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer etc. Just choose your preferred method of choice and off you go! You’ll also want to ensure that the withdrawal times aren’t drawn out too long, the shorter the better but again this will be based on the method you choose.

Mobile Friendliness

All online casinos in this era should be mobile friendly. With mobile users overtaking desktop users, this should be at the top of the priority list and the user experience between the desktop and mobile version of casinos should be seamless. Having the ability to play your favourite casino games on the go is a big plus for regular players! We found that new casinos now entering the market tend to have a better mobile experience than older ones, they tend to have a better grasp on the user behaviour of the modern online casino player.

Anything we’ve missed? What do you think makes or breaks an online casino and what would you like to see more of? Let us know as we’re constantly reviewing the latest casino websites with a fine tooth comb to bring you the most up to date and transparent reviews online!